Ms. Steph's Music Studio

"Discovering connections to music and the arts through individual and group instruction and study."


Welcome to Ms. Steph's Music Studio! Mrs. Stephanie Dickes is a music educator located in Omaha and is currently teaching instrumental music at Marian High school. With her experience of teaching for school music programs and private piano lessons, she wants to continue to share her love of music and help students grow through private and group instruction. Throughout this website you can find further information about Mrs. Steph Dickes, learn about the studio and access resources for students, parents and music learners of all ages.

Private instruction for Ms. Steph's Music Studio includes 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons with specializations in piano, guitar and woodwinds. Lessons on other instruments are available by request. All prospective students are offered a free mini lesson (20 minutes). Lessons take place at her residence in her studio room which includes a baby grand and digital piano. Lessons are offered in person and virtually via Zoom.

Teaching Philosophy

As a music educator, I strive to share my passion for music with future generations and to help them develop not only as musicians but as unique members of society. I focus on approaching each student with attention to their interests, goals and personal learning style. I believe in using a teaching style that is best for the student to both feel comfortable but also challenged. My teaching goals include attention to fundamentals, making connections, and encouraging creativity and curiosity. I believe everyone has an ability to include the arts in their lives and I strive to help cultivate an appreciation for music in students of all ages. Musical study in all ages can be a great outlet for feelings, creativity and mental growth.

Successful musical instruction encompasses a strong foundation in music theory, scales, and technical facility as well as an understanding of how music is communicated through creativity, performance, and personal and societal connections. Students will study a combination of short studies or etudes, scales, theory assignments and repertoire for study or performance. Members of the studio will also have the opportunity to learn and play together in a group setting once a month as a way to share their talents and grow as a community which is an integral part of music education. Students will have multiple opportunities to grow and perform as a studio and within the community. Students are also highly encouraged to perform for family and parents are welcome to attend a lesson in support of their child's music education and growth.


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  • As a private piano teacher from 2015-2019, Ms. Steph helped students of multiple abilities prepare pieces for their performance at the spring concert in conjunction with the school music program

  • As a music educator, Ms. Steph has worked with many students in their musical growth and development. This has included students who have performed at district music contests and all-state